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THE 100,000 LEAVES and UNTITLED: Artists books by Angus MacLise
MacLise worked unrestrainedly across all genres and media, but his numerous artists books provide the best look at his rabid interdisciplinary practice. From abstract calligraphic journeys to illuminated poetic texts, from plain unmarked pamphlets to books bound by tree bark, MacLise’s short-run publications are a vision of their author’s artistic breadth and unfettered creativity. In recognition, we’re reprinting two of the crown jewels of his archive, one-of-a-kind works that have never seen publication.
The 100,000 Leaves: An Iconic Sequence for Ira’s Movie: An abstract storyboard in red and black ink. 28 pages, risographed, staple-bound. Edition of 100.
Untitled: Among the finest examples of the inimitable MacLise calligraphic style, an aesthetic excursion to a place somewhere between writing and visual art, a place that transcends language itself. 24 pages, risographed, unbound, beautiful. Edition of 50.



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